How to become a CRA without training?

“Is it possible to become a CRA without a scientific training of several years? How can one reconvert professionally into this profession? “

These are questions that I was asked recently and which I found very interesting. To answer you, I recorded this little video.

Written by Vanessa Montanari

Text transcript of the video:

The first thing I will say is yes, it is possible to become CRA without doing a scientific training of several years! I know many people who have been project assistants in clinical research and who have become CRAs. In the past, they were executive assistant, trilingual secretary assistant … They were people who had studied letters at university and who became CRAs. So, of course, it’s possible! After that, I’m not saying it’s easy. That is, you can hardly take the plunge, go straight to the CRA position with no scientific background. Indeed, it can be complex…

The best thing is to look for a position as a project assistant, to take a training course in this direction. I do not know if you are aware but Sup Health currently offers training as a project assistant in clinical research. In fact, it is a position where CRAs and project managers are administratively assisted, and there are CROs who come to pick up their assistant in these trainings. The first training will take place at the end of October, at the end of this month.

If you are interested, send your CV, contact Sup Health and ask them for the necessary information to participate in this training. You will be able to benefit from an internship, join a CRO, lab … Then, once you are in-house, you can evolve into a CRA position.

I hope you enjoyed this video. Tell yourself that everything is possible! You just have to find the solutions to reach your goal or your dream.

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