I do not want to be CRA anymore

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I don’t want to be an CRA anymore

I do not want to be CRA anymore. I want to change profession while staying in clinical research.

You are a clinical research associate for several years and you want to change profession? If you would like to redirect, the training provided in this Article may be implemented either as part of continuing education funded by joint bodies approved collectors (OPCA) that is to say, the individual right to training (DIF) or through individual training Leave (CIF). Of course, you can support yourself your training if you have the means.

Stop! I do not want to be CRA anymore

Stop ! I don’t wan to be CRA anymore

  1. I do not want to be CRA anymore; I want to become a Business or commercial developer

The Business Developer will implement a strategic plan to ensure the company’s sustainability by developing its business. In charge of sales development, he is the guarantor of a good relationship client-company. Creating or relying on sales materials already in place, he is in charge of creating or developing a client portfolio to ensure the steady growth of the company.

You can train through organizations such as CNAM Paris and obtain a training of sales and marketing manager training to get a professional title registered in RNCP – Level II (equivalent of a master1):

Sales and marketing manager training – CNAM Paris

Marketing and sales management manager training – IFOCOP

  1. I do not want to be CRA anymore; I want to become clinical quality auditor

The quality auditor performs quality, internal and external audits in the context of clinical trials and evaluates corrective actions proposed in compliance.

You can perform the DU Quality Auditor in the drug industry at the Paris Descartes University or vocational training at Sunnikan consulting, or at Demos.

  1. I do not want to be CRA anymore; I want to become health lawyer

The lawyer advises and assists the company’s management on all matters of law and disputes they may encounter. He protects and defends the company for which he works, and will prevent disputes between patients and the company or between the company and its customers. For this, he sets up legal proceedings, accompanies the start-up or ongoing projects based on his extensive knowledge of regulations, he provides expertise on the latest laws in force.

You can obtain a continuing training of a kind of Master health law, health activities and responsibilities or health law, law of health products industries both at the University Paris Descartes.

  1. I do not want to be CRA anymore; I want to be responsible for pharmacovigilance

The responsible of pharmacovigilance will be in charge of pharmacovigilance case management for products under development and for products marketed around the world, according to the regulations.

You can train with Sup SantéSanté (INSEEC group) or with the private school “For Drug Consulting.”

  1. I do not want to be CRA anymore; I want to become data-Manager

At the IT and the “medical” border, the Data Manager creates, from a case report form, a database that will enable him to manage all data from a clinical study.

The network of trial or clinical study participants ought to ensure in every step the data relevance and quality.

You can complete this training with Formatis (CLINACT Group).

As you saw in the previous lines, many opportunities are available to you. Clinical research associate profession can be a real springboard and it is quite possible to reorient if you want to change.

You can also go on my article: Top 10 website to find a CRA position. These websites are also full of positions in clinical research that are not only CRA positions.
Good luck in your research!

Vanessa Montanari

Also visit the website of Pharmaspecific, http://www.pharmaspecific.fr and discover our activities.

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1 année il y a

Bonjour Vanessa, Je viens de terminer mes études pharmacie et je possède un master 2 en management des industries de santé. C’est un master en alternance qui m’a permis d’intégrer une CRO en tant qu’ARC pendant 1 an. Mais je me suis rendu compte pendant mon alternance que le métier d’ARC n’était pas fait pour moi et je voudrais m’orienter dans la pharmacovigilance des essais cliniques. J’hésite entre refaire un master 2 en alternance dans le domaine de la PV ou bien faire une formation courte comme la formation chargé de pharmacovigilance de FORMATIS. J’aimerais savoir quelle formation serait la… Lire la suite »

2 années il y a

formidable continue