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How to use Linkedln, Twitter and Viadeo to find a CRA job?

How do I find an CRA position through Social Networks?

You are CRA and you look for a job? You have scoured the Leem deals and you have found nothing? You have tried the tips offered by the clinical research blog here and there? But, have you tried looking a post on Twitter, LinkedIn or Viadeo?

Today, the number of users of social networks is very important: 300 million users for Linked In (including 7 million in France), 65 million people Viadeo (including 9 million in France) and 284 million active users for Twitter (including 6.8 million visitors in France). Recruiters in part: 56% of companies claim to use them to recruit. It is up to you to be present on social networks in order to have more chances of finding a position of CRA! Here are some tips.

Nos félicitations, pour ton nouveau poste !

Congratulations for your new position!

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“It’s decided I’m going to England”: Interview with an expatriate CRA

“It’s decided I’m going to England”: Interview of an expatriate ARC

You are CRA and you want a change of scenery, a change of life, you want to make new friends, or improve your English and empower your resume.

The pharmaceutical industry and clinical research are internationally oriented. Being a multicultural environment often requires a good command of the English master, why not leave and go abroad for English? This will also enhance your resume. I interviewed my friend Mylène who has lived in England for seven years and has worked as a Clinical Research Associate. She gives some tips …

Why not the United Kingdom !

Why not the United Kingdom !

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What changes to the CRA and SSC profession in France in 10 years?

What changes for the CRA and SSC (Site study Coordinating) professions in France within 10 years?

The CRA and SSC professions are relatively recent. Appeared with the emergence of Clinical Research, they are exercised by industrial promoters, institutional, in CROs, and in hospitals.

What could be the CRA and the SSC future missions in 10 years? The most popular therapeutic areas? You will find the France CRA and SC future skills here. Continue reading

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