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Welcome to the clinical research blog! If you are new here, you may want to read our white papers “How to train and find a job as a clinical research associate” and “Make a clinical study to success”: click here to download the white papers for free! 🙂

Hello, I am Vanessa Montanari, the general manager of the company “Pharmaspecific” specialized in clinical research for 10 years. I have been helping pharmaceutical companies in the development of new drugs for 15 years. The job of clinical research associate is an exciting job, but little known and has existed for less than 40 years? I explain in the video below what is clinical research and the job of clinical research associate. Click on the video to watch it and then you can decide to download the guides if you think this job might be right for you.

We have created this file so that you can get to the heart of the matter and launch yourself even faster into the great adventure that is ARC’s job. If you are already an ARC, the book may bring you new information.
This guide is a digest of our latest articles on this topic. It will save you the trouble of searching through the whole blog for the information you need.
The themes we cover in this e-book :

I – What is ARC’s job? Do you have what it takes for this job? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the job?

II – Where can I train for the ARC profession?

III – What position should I choose?

IV – How do I find a CRA position or internship?

V – Where can I find a CRA job?

VI – What salary can I negotiate as an entry-level clinical research associate?

VII- What are the evolutions of the CRA job?

The second guide concerns the practice of the CRA profession and management as a Project Manager:

I – The 10 commandments of the clinical project manager

II – Project management

III – The choice of the provider

IV – Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

V – Regulatory watch

VI – Protocol deviations

VII – Enlightened consent


IX – Serious Adverse Events (SAE/EIG)

X – Inspections

XI – All recipes to boost inclusions

XII – Expectations of the investigators

XIII – Recruitment of investigators

XIV – Strategic monitoring visits

XIV- Reimbursement of expenses incurred by patients

See you soon,

Vanessa Montanari

PS: The password to retrieve the white papers can be found in the email you will receive after you put your details in the form. Look in your spam if you don’t receive it.