The top training to develop skills as a CRA

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The top training to progress when you are CRA

You are clinical research associate (CRA) for several years and you would like to develop your skills, change post or change company? Here are my suggestions. 

0001342727HH-1280x1920Some weeks ago, my article dealt with available training for CRA wishing to change jobs while still in clinical research. This week, I will suggest what seem to me the top of trainings for those who wish to move up to project manager, to manager or to submission specialist positions (the training will be in French).

The training offered in this article may be implemented, either as part of continuing education funded by joint bodies approved collectors (in french : OPCA : organismes paritaires collecteurs agrées) that is to say, the individual right to training (in french: DIF : Droit individuel à la formation) or through the individual training Leave (in french: CIF : Congé individuel à la formation). Of course, you can pay your training by yourself if you can afford.

Do not forget that you will probably need practices and more training to evolve towards the position that interests you.

The best trainings to evolve as a CRA

I want to become a clinical project manager in a laboratory or in a CRO

The clinical project manager training with sup santé.

The program includes: project management in clinical research, regulatory, finance, logistical, administrative, organizational and human.

This training is only available for two months initial training, 170h and is followed by 4 to 6 months internship.

The Sup Santé (Sup Health) reputation is already well established. Several years ago, I completed my ARC training there. For more information on this training, you can click here.

The clinical project manager training with clinact training (formatis)

This training is perfect for those who already work in the domain, practice senior ARC tasks, ARC lead or project managers who wish to progress in clinical project management. It is a theoretical and practical training (practice) over five days. You’ll learn all the basis of clinical project management. I myself attended a clinical project management training with this organization and I have been fully satisfied. The next training session ” Clinical Project Manager ” will be held from December 1st to 5th 2014. For more information on the training, click here for the contact person: Nour Chair.

The top training to develop skills as a CRA

I want to become a clinical project manager in a hospital

You can subscibe on IUD clinical project manager of Paris Descartes University.

It is a training that allows you to work as a clinical project manager on studies promoted by the doctors in the hospital. This is interesting for a Hospital CRA. That sounds like a good way to progress towards the project manager position at a hospital. If anyone knows more about this training, I’m all ears! 🙂

It is in-service training, 156 hours in one year (a few days a month), 2 months internship. For more information about this training, click here.

The top training to develop skills as a CRA

I would like to have a training on team management

You can follow the team management training with Cegos.

Cegos offers several trainings on team management, leadership, communication and conflict management. A complete program 😉

This organization was recommended to me. It is used by many pharmaceutical companies. Form further information, click here.

The top training to develop skills as a CRA

I want to make regulatory submissions in the Ethics Comittee and ANSM (in French MHRA) with IFIS

You can follow the training on regulatory submissions on Ethics Comittee (Institutional Review Board) or on submissions to the ANSM( French National Agency For Medicine and Health Products) of IFIS.

Training on submissions at Ethics Comittee allows to know people protection committees (operating procedures, skills and missions) and to understand the advice basis of an Ethics Committee to best meet its requirements.

During the training, practical information to constitute a request for AEC file to the Ethics Comittee is provided.

Few years ago, I followed training on the submission with ANSM. This helped me to optimize the quality of my files at ANSM. The training quality was top in IFIS!

IFIS is a reference for the pharma industry. I met many people working in pharmaceutical laboratory there 🙂

To learn more about the training of the IFIS, click here

There are many training organization allowing you to upgrade your skills, in the CRA, project manager, or manager. If you wish to contribute and if you know other good training organizations on clinical research subject, or other trainings that could have some links with clinical research associate, tell me. I will then publish updated information.

See you soon,

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3 années il y a

Bonjour à tous, actuellement je suis étudiante en licence biologie .Je voudrais bien faire un master en biologie pour pouvoir par la suite faire la formation en attaché de recherche clinique mais ma question est:est-ce que c’est un métier d’avenir dans 2 ans ça va pas être boucher pour avoir une chance de décrocher un poste dans ce domaine là.

3 années il y a

Bonjour Vanessa, Tout d’abord je trouve super votre initiative de blog RC qui regroupe toutes les informations pour démarrer et évoluer dans la RC, notamment la distinction que vous décrivez pour les pratiques hospitalière d’une part et CRO/Labo de l’autre. Je vais le partager volontiers avec mon réseau car de futurs ARC m’interpellent souvent pour ces mêmes questions. Je suis ARC depuis 2013, j’ai travaillé 1 an en tant qu’ARC hospitalier (l’appelation Study-Co correspond plus aux activités que j’ai eu) dans un CIC puis 1 an en tant qu’ARC moniteur en DRCI hospitalière et enfin 2 ans en tant que… Lire la suite »

4 années il y a

Bonjour, est ce qu’on a une chance de faire la formation de chef de projet clinique si on a un niveau ba plus 5 mais sans expérience dans le milieu. quelle est la formation complete pour moi je vous remercie de votre aide.