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After the podcast, I wanted to share one of my new discoveries. I just found a website: what is it? The concept is that « The ideas that are worth to propagate »: TED.

It is an association which organizes conferences in California where are invited interveners from any discipline, and considered as innovators, who have a quarter of an hour to talk about their topic. Topics range from science, economics and politics, through architecture, music. Personalities like Bill Clinton, Bono (from U2 group), Lawrence E. Page (Google founders), Al Gore, and Bill Gates made a presentation there. To attend the conference, you must pay the annual fee, which is $ 6,000.

Since 2009, there is a TED Paris.

The videos are in English on TED USA. However, there is a possibility to have the subtitles in French. The videos in English below are subtitled. This will make you exercise your English 😉

You have on this site about 200 high quality videos. I have selected for you 5 videos on the subject of clinical research.

Paula Johnson explains the importance of taking into account the specificities of women in the development of treatments (TED USA). We learn some pretty amazing things about how clinical trials function.

Roger Stein proposes a new and original method to fund cancer research. (TED USA)

John Wilbanks talks about his crazy project : a global medical database based on the good will of the participants. With a real informed consent! (TED USA)

Marina Cavazzana-Calvo explains how to cure genetic diseases with HIV? (TED Paris)

Laurent Levy from Nanobiotix Company, innovative company with headquarters in Paris, speaks of nanoparticles to cure cancer (TED Paris).

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