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Article written by the Pharmaspecific Society, a specialist in clinical research.

Hi everyone, this is Vanessa Montanari from the clinical research blog.

The best time to find a CRA job

I’m currently in Thailand and I decided to make a short video about the best season to find a job as a CRA.

The best periods are: September and January.

During September, everything gets back in motion at the end of holidays, including recruitment and in benefit of new appliances. So, send your CVs at August’s last two weeks, to get answers in September or to find a spot for September – October.

Then, there is also the period of January. So, you can apply at the end of December, cause it’s the end of the natural business years, companies budgets are closed, and executives could have a clear vision about allocated money assigned to new jobs and missions for CRA’s.

Of course, there is work all year long, but I have noticed that these two periods are the most active. So don’t hesitate to apply at this two specific moments!

If you are on holiday, I wish you the best times. Otherwise, have an awesome August.

See you soon, goodbye!

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