The 3 things missing from your CRA CV

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Article written by the Pharmaspecific Society, a specialist in clinical research.

Hi, this is Vanessa Montanari from the clinical research blog.

Today, I’m going to make a video because there is something, I noticed that you forget all the time on your Cvs and now it’s really time for me to tell you about it.

There’s something that’s really important for a recruiter. They really need to know what therapeutic area you’ve been working on and sometimes you’re a little bit vague on the therapeutic area. For example, if you’ve worked in oncology, it’s good to specify “what types of cancer you’ve worked on”. It really matters because a client wants to have an expert in the area, they want you to work on. So, if you’ve worked on breast cancer before, say so. Specify all the cancers you’ve worked on.

Also, what’s important is that you specify the number of patients you’ve worked on, the tasks you’ve done in detail: if you’ve done monitoring, ECRF filling, …

Then, also what you often forget to put is the number of centres. So remember to mark this information.

What’s the point of putting the number of patients and the number of centres?

It’s mostly to know what your real workload is. Because we can see, if you’ve taken care of a lot of patients, if your workload was heavy or if it was rather quiet. And maybe also try to assess whether you’re able to work on studies that you’re going to have a lot of stress on.

That’s why it’s important to mark this information.

I hope this little piece of advice has helped you.

I wish you good luck and see you soon! Goodbye.

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