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Welcome to the clinical research blog! If you are new here, you may want to read our white papers “How to train and find a job as a clinical research associate” and “Make a clinical study to success”: click here to download the white papers for free! 🙂

If you are new to clinical research, we welcome you to our blog!

To get started, you can read these first articles that will tell you how to train for the CRA trade and find a job:


Article 1: The whole truth about the CRA profession

Article 2: The CRA trade, training and prerequisites

Article 3: All I need to know to become an ARC

Article 4: The Top 5 Best Solutions for Finding a CRA Job

Article 5: CRA and TEC, how to choose the right job?

Article 6: Making a success of your telephone interview

Article 7: How do I use social networks to find a CRA position?

Article 8: The 5 trick questions you must absolutely prepare for your CRA interview

Article 9: A CV to be recruited

Article 10: The 10 best job websites for CRAs

You can also download our free book “how to train for and find a job at ARC.