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Today, I am still in Guadeloupe, I am at the Manoir alley. It is an alley where there are plenty of palm trees, which is very beautiful. And I wanted to make this video here to answer Ophelia’s question.


Hello, is the FARC IUD mandatory for a clinical research associate? I would like to go till BAC + 5, would it be an advantage in terms of qualifying experience or on the contrary an inconvenience to obtain a Master or a job? I am in L2 of human biology and health technology, I would like to carry out an internship at the end of this school year to grasp a first experience. Do you think this is achievable because in L2 I have never heard of someone having done it?

Ophelia, first of all, I think it is a very good idea to want to do an internship during your L2 because it will give you more advantage than some other people who will not have done it. That is to say that you will already have experience, which is very interesting for a future employer. So I really recommend you to do an internship, it will give you experience. You will be able to do it in L2, in Master 1 and in Master 2. Thanks to your BAC + 5, you will have no less than 9 months of internship to your assets which will be the experience that you will be able to value later on with your future employer and you will be able to find a job more easily in this way.

Then, regarding the obligation to make a FARC IUD, there is no obligation. What you can do is do a BAC + 5 that is specialized in clinical research and there are several all over France. You can find this information in my guide on clinical research that you can download here. I encourage you to continue to do your BAC + 5 if you wish. Your BAC + 5 could possibly, if you want to work in the public, allow you to have a better salary because the grids in the public are also based on the diploma whereas not necessarily in the private, it is mostly experience that will prevail. So it is up to you, you can do the IUD FARC or do a BAC + 5 but on the other hand specialize in clinical research. There are several BAC + 5 for that.

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