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Laura et moi

I met Laura a few days . She told me good news, she had a fixed-term contract in the company where she was doing her internship. Of course the objective of the 2016 challenge is not yet reached but we are on the right track, the mentoring continues! You will find lots of pictures below of our evening.

Written by Vanessa Montanari

We met at the French gastronomy restaurant « Le Jéroboam » in the 14th arrondissement (72 rue Didot 75014 Paris). I recommend this restaurant, you will not be disappointed! Top service, quality meals!

Veau Confit


Aperitif, drink, Calf, Grilled Mozzarella, French toast and cooked tuna; Laura and I discussed our different projects and talked about the profession.

Mozarella grillée et tomate (je ne me souviens plus de tous les détails :)

Grilled Mozzarella & tomatoes

Thon mi-cuit avec une sauce japonaise

French toast and cooked tuna

tarte à la fraise

Strawberry tart

Laura is sending you a testimonial of this moment and I look forward to having her on the phone again.

Testimony of Laura:

Hello everyone,

I am very happy to be able to give my second testimony on my mentoring talks and my meeting with Vanessa Montanari.

My name is Laura, and after a little more than ten years in fundamental research, I am now working as a clinical research associate.

I participated in the contest proposed by Vanessa, in order to have advice and feedback on this new profession in which I was engaged.

Already a little over 7 months I have the chance to enjoy a year of mentoring with Vanessa. Over the past few months, she has shared with me her experience on CRA’s life when communicating on Skype or by phone. Our topics of conversation are various: how to prepare for a monitoring or an implementation, the necessary tools, useful applications on smartphone, anecdotes, how to react to certain situations…

Despite busy schedules, we managed to meet last week. A face-to-face meeting and a nice evening around a good dinner… what more could you ask for! It’s quite amusing to see that I can now find myself in some anecdotes. In addition, Vanessa also shared with me her goals and how she was considering the future of Pharmaspecific.

Our exchanges are truly enriching and I thank Vanessa for her investment. More than a few months to reach our permanent contract target in one year. Many opportunities can be presented to us in the world of clinical research, it is also up to us to grasp them.

Laura R.

Laura et moi{:}

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  • Sabrine dit :

    Bonjour, moi aussi j’ai passé plusieurs années dans la recherche (8 années), trois années de licence fondamentale en biologie suivies de deux années de master, ensuite, j’ai fait un stage dans un laboratoire de recherche et c’est la que j’ai commencé ma thèse de doctorat (j’ai bossé deux année! ). Aujourd’hui, j’ai décidé d’orienter mon parcours vers la recherche clinique et je suis très heureuse puisque ma formation d’ARC commencera dans une semaine 😀 ! euh oui je suis heureuse d’abandonner ma thèse !! Après plusieurs années j’ai réalisé que c’est pas dans
    le domaine de la recherche fondamentale que je veux exercer mon métier, la recherche clinique me passionnait depuis toujours mais je n’ai pas eu la chance de faire mes étude dans ce domaine! En effet, à part tout ça, je suis venue de l’étranger (mon pays ne propose pas des formations en recherche clinique en ARC…) j’ai tout fait pour venir suivre cette formation et pour pouvoir travailler dans un domaine qui m’inspire.

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