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We have organized a competition in November 2015 to offer mentoring to 3 future CRAs. I carried out my first mentoring sessions with 3 professionals ultra-motivated by clinical research and pharmaceutical industry. So I will tell you about my experience as a mentor with the winner of the 2nd prize. His name is Jonathan. He transmitted his testimony and his photo. Subscribers to our email list have the privilege of putting a face on the testimony of Jonathan. At the end of the article, there will be a surprise that may interest you.

During this interview of 1 hour, Jonathan asked me several questions about the profession of MSL (Medical Science Liaison) and some questions about the CRA profession. One of the questions was as follows:

« Is it important to have done a few years in clinical research (as CRA or other) before being eligible for the post of MSL? »

I answered his questions based on my knowledge and professional relationships I have had with MSLs.
We have reviewed together his CV and I gave him some advice to improve the background and enhance existing skills to get noticed by recruiters.

Jonathan is a gifted young man, curious, dynamic, and open. He is a good communicator, which is an advantage in the positions he seeks.

Being a mentor allows me to contribute to the success of other professionals, to share my experience, my expertise (and lessons learned!). I also discovered other ways of thinking or acting.

You will find below the testimony of Jonathan:

« Hi Vanessa,

Firstly a big thank you for granting me this interview.

My name is Jonathan, I graduated with a PhD in Neuroscience and I am currently training as CRA / CSC in a Marseille hospital.

I had the opportunity to have an interview with Vanessa MONTANARI for the position of Regional Scientific Officer (MSL). I recently discovered this profession and, in which I have a particular interest. Therefore, to get this interview was really a fabulous opportunity. I had many questions (e.g. MSL missions, the skills to succeed, number of trips, salary …) and most of them were able to enjoy adequate and accurate answer. I also benefited from the expertise of Vanessa for organizing my CV for this type of position. Vanessa is a very nice person and invested in everything she does. Her kindness and generosity made this conversation in an atmosphere that is both relaxing but also real professionalism.

In conclusion, this telephone exchange allowed me to lighten the shadows on the position of MSL that I target currently, but also benefit from professional advice on the skills I need to develop or improve, on adaptations of my resume in order to obtain my CDI quickly and in the best conditions.

Jonathan »

I’m currently preparing one of the upcoming articles that will also be a Podcast. What is a Podcast? This is a sound file in MP3 format … yes; I will put my voice on a recording. It will change a bit of the written standard article format.

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I would like you to ask me any question you want. You can write the question below. Thank you to ask your question before 24 March 2016. During the podcast, only your first name will be disclosed.

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