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We had organized a competition in November 2015 to offer mentoring to 3 future CRAs. I carried out my first mentoring sessions with 3 professionals ultra-motivated by clinical research and pharmaceutical industry. So I will tell you about my experience as a mentor with the winner of the 3rd prize. Her name is Martha. Ask us also all your questions by registering below.

Mentoring Marthe en attaché de recherche cliniqueDuring this interview of 1 hour, Martha asked me several questions about the CRA profession in CRO. One of the questions was as follows:

“Regarding clinical research training : Master, DUI FARC (Inter-university diploma of CRA training), private training, do CRO recruiters have a preference?”

I explained to her what really think recruiters of different formations so that she can know where she stands and how to apprehend her future.

We have reviewed together her CV and I gave her some advice to improve the background and enhance existing skills to get noticed by recruiters.

Martha is a young nice woman, rigorous, dynamic and determined. These qualities will be useful in the industry.

Being a mentor allows me to contribute to the success of other professionals, to share my experience, my expertise (and lessons learned!). I also discovered other ways of thinking or acting.You will find below the testimony of Marthe:

You will find below the testimony of Marthe :

« Hello to you Vanessa and to all subscribers of the blog Clinical Research.

I am Marthe, student in Master 2 development of health products and currently training as a Clinical Site Coordinator at Tours hospital.

I discovered the blog during last summer and I never disconnected from it because the articles offered are really rich in knowledge. A big thank you to the whole team.

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The telephone exchange that I had with Vanessa was both interesting and trainer. My career plan is to become clinical research associate, I was asking myself many questions about the way forward to get there because the Master 2 that I do is not a master specialized in clinical research. Vanessa is very friendly, I must say, made me realize that the experience of a 6-month internship is considerable for a CSC. Just to be able to show off his CV.

The points that we had to address were: CV, motivation letter, her testimony concerning her course (She had already published an article on the blog but in life it is even more motivating).

I think she gave me all the cards to obtain my CDI as CRA.

It is up to me.

Marthe »

I’m currently preparing one of the upcoming articles that will also be a Podcast. What is a Podcast? This is a sound file in MP3 format … yes; I will put my voice on a recording. It will change a bit of the written standard article format.

I would like you to ask me any question you want. You can write the question below.

Thank you to ask your question before 24 March 2016. During the podcast, only your first name will be disclosed.

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