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My dear readers, I wanted to announce this good news! The challenge 2016 was a success!

The challenge 2016 was a success!laura-vanessa

Laura obtained her permanent contract in 1 year as planned. I congratulate her because she deserved it! I am pleased to have contributed to her success and I hope she will go far. She will soon give us a testimony on this subject.

It is therefore time to put in place a new challenge for the year 2017!!!

You can participate, there will be two winners this time. An indication: COACHING.

Last year we did Mentoring.

Mentoring refers to an interpersonal relationship of support, a relationship of support for exchanges and learning, in which an experienced person, Mentor, offers his/her acquired wisdom and expertise in order to promote the development of another person, the mentee, who has skills or knowledge to acquire and professional goals to achieve.

Today, I do not propose Mentoring but Coaching. Coaching will last 2 months at the rate of one appointment every 10 to 15 days.

What is coaching?

Coaching is an accompaniment of the coachee so that he can reach or exceed his personal and professional goals more quickly and easily. Coaching brings out solutions from the spirit of the coachee. It is a short path to achieve his goals with sustainable and identifiable benefits.

The coach is not an advisor, a mentor, a guru, a protector, a magician, a therapist, a buddy, a teacher, or an expert.

However, at the end of coaching, I may be led to advise you, if my expertise can help you.

The contest is open strictly to the people living in the Paris region because all the meetings will be physical. It will be a surfer who wants to work in the field of clinical research or who is already working on it.

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This surfer will have to be really in the perspective of change and wish to benefit from coaching. I will accompany him towards a goal he himself has set.

This time, again, I will give more than articles on a blog, I will personally give my time.

To be eligible, you must:

  • Want to work or already work in clinical research
  • Subscribe to Blog
  • Subscribe to the YouTube channel of the blog
  • Being in the perspective of change and having a specific objective

The contest is open until March 3, 2017, 23:59.

For reasons of confidentiality, your family name will never be publicly disclosed on the blog as part of this Coaching. No article will be written about you or about the details of the coaching. On the other hand, a written testimony will be asked at the end of coaching. This testimony will be published on the blog to document the end of the challenge.

You will be selected by random draw. To try to benefit from this free Coaching, you must register with the form below.

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Si tu as aimé cet article, je te remercie de « liker » ou de partager avec tes collègues et amis Attaché de Recherche Clinique :)

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