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Challenge # 5 Multiple nurses are working on my clinical study, I don’t have their CV !!

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Hello everyone! This is Vanessa Montanari from the clinical research blog for Pharmaspecific.

Today, I’m going to present you with a new situation. You have a number of nurses in the department who are participating in the clinical study, and unfortunately it’s not possible to collect CVs from all of them. It’s not possible, what can you do?

When I say it is not possible, sometimes in this hospital they find it constraining to send you the CVs of all the nurses who work in the department and who may be involved in the study. For your part, you need the « delegation log » or task delegation form to be up to date. So, you need to know who worked on this study and on your patients. So, therefore, what I am proposing is that you create a task delegation form specific to the nurses in the clinical study. This form will look like a classic task delegation form but it will stay with the health care setting, which as soon as a new nurse participates in the study, it will have him or her complete it to be able to note which nurse participated on which date, it started on which date, with that nurse’s initials and that nurse’s signature. That way you will have the list of all the nurses who participated and if they don’t want to give you the CVs of all these nurses, you will at least ask for the CV of the health executive, who manages the nurses. So that’s one solution. Sometimes they do want to give you the CVs, so that’s fine then. You get the CVs of all the nurses. But if they don’t want to, at the very least, the health executive’s CV. The health executive should also prepare a training form to show that each nurse has been trained in the study before starting or working on the study. So, of course we need this form.

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I hope this video has helped. I would also like to tell you that Pharmaspecific has created a white paper to explain to you « how to conduct a successful clinical study ». It’s a 100-page guide. It is feedback from our team to help you better understand clinical trials. You can download this guide at the bottom of the video. If you want more advice on clinical research, go to the clinical research blog, the web address is here. If you want to know more about Pharmaspecific, so Pharmaspecific which is a CRO specialized in clinical research, you can go to the link here.

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