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Knowing how to manage your « home-based » CRA work

A « home-based » CRA works at home. One can be « home-based » as an employee or as a freelancer.

ARC en télétravail


Being a CRA « home-based » brings a number of advantages:

  • Work from home,
  • No need to wake up early in the morning,
  • Not need to travel a long distance to the office,
  • Not need to be in public transports
  • Not need to come home in the evening,
  • Being able to see his children during the day,
  • No obligation to fixe schedule,

With all these advantages, being home-based may be a real savings for the wallet!

As with any work at home, you have to organize yourself so that your work does not infringe on your personal life and vice versa.

Here are some tips to ensure this does not happen!

1. Have your workspace, even if you are at home

It is undeniable that working in bed or on the couch is more than tempting. Being totally honest with yourself, you must admit that it is far from productive.

It makes more sense to define a work space (even in his home) to avoid being disturbed and remain as concentrated as possible

2. Set the hours of work, priorities and emergencies

Most people who have chosen to work from home are motivated by the flexibility of working schedules. For example, during short breaks, moms (or dads!) can take care of household tasks, drop off and take the kids at school. Indeed, it is up to everyone to define the slices of hours that suits him, but it is yet easy to get distracted and ends up short of time.

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To address these shortcomings, it is imperative to set hours of work, the tasks to be done, their duration, to establish a list of the day’s activities and prioritize them according to their importance and degree of urgency. Care must be taken not to exceed his timetables in an excess of zeal.

3. Invest in good working equipment

If you are CRA freelance, you must have your own equipment, it is the basic investment. It is better to have a fairly recent computer under warranty to avoid failure or waste of time as it will have strong impact on your CRA home-based business. Also think about investing in a regular external backup system, secured and automatic. Losing digital data, contacts, reinstall a complete system and applications would be dramatic.

Otherwise, it is possible that the laboratory or company for which you work can give you the equipment so that you can work in the best conditions.

4. Take advantage of your trips for a change of scenery!

When moving on site or at the company’s headquarters, take advantage of it because it is an opportunity to leave home, even if it is a business trip. It also feels good to change the workplace context, environment from time to time and meet your colleagues or other professionals.

The advantages of working from home are many and attracive. The prospect of being your own boss can even be an important aspect.

However, even if you consider gathering all the qualities and skills required to work at home, both to your account or as home-based CRA employee, make sure you can discipline yourself and be able to follow the 4 tips we just provide you.

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