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Article written by the Pharmaspecific Society, a specialist in clinical research

You probably need to apply for a CRA position, and you’re wondering whether or not to put your picture up. So, what I recommend is that you put a photo only if it’s of good quality. That means that it is a professional photo.

You can, in fact; have a professional photo or one that highlights you that you can put on your CV. On the other hand, if it is a photo where you can see behind that you are on vacactions, or where your face looks really unpleasant, this photo is not serious enough, then forget it. The best thing to do is not to put a photo. In any case, the recruiter, if he is going to recruit you, he won’t need a photo to decide whether or not he wants to see you in an interview. What does really matter  is the content of your CV and the interview you are going to attend

Putting a photo? Yes, but a good one. If it’s not, give it up .

So, I hope this little advice has helped you and I wish you good luck.


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