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On the occasion of the two-year Clinical Research Blog, we organized the Crazy Pic photo competition, which ended on November 18th. This is our birthday but we decided to open gifts to you, because it is also Christmas!

The contest was addressed to any regular reader, eager to play. We received no less than twenty photos and we would like to thank all participants for all their great ideas. Your photos were all great, full of humor and cheerfulness … but Jallila Daoudi stands out for her originality!

She won the contest with her very fanciful idea of dressing up her skeleton, which she simply named Mr. Bones! Discover his photo below:


Jallila receives the first prize: 100 euros in voucher on Amazon. We also offer her this beautiful mug with the logo of the Clinical Research Blog. We will contact her soon for the modalities.


Again our congratulations to Jallila and we will tell you soon, for other equally crazy games! Do not forget to follow us to know all the news of the clinical research! Goodbye!{:}

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  • Vanessa Montanari dit :


    les plus grandes difficultés que j’ai pu rencontré :
    -Le recrutement de la population par les investigateurs (protocole inadapté à la pratique courante, difficulté à recruter des patients)
    -L’adhérence des investigateurs au protocole
    -Le recrutement d’investigateurs (protocole qui n’intéresse pas les investigateurs car produit pas assez innovant)



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