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Has it ever happened to you to go into a room and get the impression that there were « bad waves », that it was difficult for you to work without really knowing why?

Two years ago, I discovered Feng Shui during an entrepreneurial training course « Feng shui at the service of your success ».

The trainer was Christine MIEGE, a human resources consultant, Feng Shui expert/psycho-environmentalist for more than 20 years. You can find more information on her website:

I applied it to my workplace, as well as to my home. Zen goal! I have seen many results and especially in my concentration, my career and in the development of my company.

Feng Shui, contrary to what many people might think, is not just Buddhas everywhere. It may sometimes seem esoteric but personally I believe in it!

Feng shui is a Chinese art that aims to create a space to promote the health, well-being and prosperity of those who live or work there. This requires a better circulation of energies. So how to apply all this at work? I explain all this with photos to support.

Bureau Feng ShuiPlacing of your office

Has it ever happened to you to have your desk facing the wall and to have passage behind you, how did you feel? Uncomfortable, is not it? In Feng Shui, it is recommended to have his chair back to the wall rather than your desk against the wall. You must be able to see who is coming into the room. Also, you should not be right next to a door, it is deconcentrating. The space in front of your desk must be clear. This allows for more openness and increased communication between members of an open-space, for example.

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In general, we do not like to have his desk facing the wall, it’s like we’re in the corner, and it’s like a punishment. This is why many teenagers do not stay on a desk facing the wall and many of them work on their bed (I am an example 🙂 , since I was a teenager working on my bed).

Similarly, it is not recommended to find yourself in the passage between a window and a door. To be in the passage is to be in a flow of energy, which decreases concentration. Having his office located in parallel with this flow of energy is much more enjoyable.

To clean and store

In Feng Shui, do not hesitate to throw away what is broken, damaged. It is necessary to dust, store and classify. Stop the stacks of documents piled up everywhere. An orderly office makes it possible to work better! Yes, Feng Shui is a lot of common sense!

Placing of objects and colors

In order to balance the energies and feel better in your workplace, Feng Shui works on colors, shapes, positioning of objects and furniture in a room. It is also based on the orientation (North, South, East, and West) thanks to a compass. Indeed, each piece is cut into several zones that will be more or less suitable for work. It is arranged according to each zone of the room. I simply use the compass of my laptop!


In Feng shui, it is recommended to put some plants in your workspace. Besides, the plants bring oxygen. You will avoid plants that sting like cacti or those with sharp leaves. You can put the plants east or south-east.

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The Buddhas

The famous Buddhas! They are by no means mandatory. You can put them to the northeast, it’s the wisdom zone J, and they will help you see more clearly in your choices.

Candles, photos of company logos, diplomas and symbols of success

Will be in the South, which corresponds to reputation, fame and self-esteem. There will be shades of red, yellow and orange in this area.

Bien-être au travailMetal objects and images of water

Will go to the North, which corresponds to the career and the opportunities, one will find the colors blue, black and anthracites in this zone.

The coins

They will be in the southeast because it is the area of money, abundance and prosperity. We will also have the wooden objects, the colors violet, blue, and green in this area.

It is true that if you are in an open-space, it will be harder to turn everything upside down to make your little Feng-shui sauce. However, it is possible to pay attention to these details and place the objects at the levels of your desk and possibly photos or beautiful pictures on the walls next door. You do not need to stretch to the whole room to bring Feng Shui « good waves ».

The Scientific Basis

Wikipedia: Feng shui relies on many postulates not admitted by the scientific community, since they have never been proven through any scientific protocol. This discipline is sometimes called pseudo-science. His critics accuse him of the use of unverifiable concepts concerning the link between a place and the well-being of individuals.

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This is one of my secrets to feel good at work. Are not you convinced? Be a good skeptic and test Feng Shui for 2 weeks if this does not work then drop without regrets!

And how do you improve your well-being at work? Share your ideas and tips with us

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