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The 3 best smartphone apps for CRA

At a time when new technologies are part of everyday life for everyone, the CRAs can get up to speed with 3 flagship applications. In fact, software developers continue to innovate and offer new applications dedicated to specific tasks. Some of the software is really a revolution because they allow users to save time and incidentally, to optimize their productivity.

You will find in this article, 3 mobile applications (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) that stand out in this area, and that will be very helpful to you as CRO.

Application # 1: « Médicaments 2015 » (Drugs 2015)

Application smartphone incontournables pour ARCThis application is the ideal tool for a CRA because it offers several features, since it can be used online and offline:

  1. Drug research: the application allows you to search by name (commercial or generic) or IPN (International Proprietary Name) or flash the code « DataMatrix » of a box. In addition, in 2015 Drugs maintains a complete history of consulted sheets to add frequently used to favorites for later quick access.
  2. Detailed fact sheets: 2015 Drugs provides direct access to each drug, with different formulations and the SPC (Summary of Product Characteristics). The plugs are detailed and the different sections of information are easily identifiable by colors and symbols: composition, clinical data, dosage, against-indications, adverse effects, prices and reimbursement rates, etc. From a product sheet, the application allows you to quickly navigate between the reference and the generic and the various marketed forms. The application reminds the future drug withdrawal from the market and those who are no longer sold.
  3. Drug interactions: in addition to providing very detailed information, 2015 Drugs also provides access to drug interactions. Whether from a search, history or favorites, a long touch on the name of a drug add it to the list of those whose interactions are checked. Before even looking at the interactions identified in detail, highlight color provides a visual indication of the result. The identification of interactions is particularly useful to check two successive requirements and identify depricated associations.
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The 2015 Drug users are unanimous. It is essential for CRAs APPLICATION! Indeed, thanks to its very complete data base, its easy handling, its ease of use, Drugs 2015 is the Swiss Army knife of CRAs!

Here also is the testimony of a user who has remained faithful to the application from the first day she used it:

« With the Drugs 2015 apps, paper references are of no use. At my office with the display comfort of the iPad, or on travel with the iPhone, I can not do without this application which allows us to check the requirements by controlling the dosage and identify the against-indications and interactions . The annual updates are driving to the right direction with an adapted ergonomics and the addition this year of SMR and ASMR information. « -Julie

Application # 2: « MediSigles »  (Medical Initials)

The health field is full of specific terms, but mostly acronyms unknown by the public. As CRO, you probably do not know all these abbreviations that are legion in the medical world by heart. There where Medisigles comes into action: it is an application that lists more than 47,000 common acronyms and abbreviations in the field of health in general. The application database was created by the UNHPC (National Union of Private Hospital Cancer), which guarantees thereby a professional approach.

The various features available on MediSigles make this application ideal complete « Médicaments 2015″. Indeed, this application will allow you to:

  1. Search for the meaning of an acronym or abbreviation,
  2. Search and discover the existence of a scientific company specializing in a specific area,
  3. Continue your research on the web browser, if your research on the application did not satisfy you,
  4. To share the contents of a file by e-mail, when the discovering the meaning of a symbol.
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Thanks to its easy and intuitive handling, its reliable and regularly updated database, the MediSigles application can be used anywhere and anytime. It is a real working tool that you can use constantly: in meetings, while reading an article, to follow a presentation, for your own research, this will save you time.

Application # 3: « Medical Dictionary Lavoisier » (Dictionnaire de médecine Lavoisier)

As an ARC, it is not necessarily obvious to know all the medical terms. Fortunately, the reference tool for people working or studying in the health field has been digitized and is now available as a smartphone application.

mobile application CRAThe many features present at the first version of the application Lavoisier Medical Dictionary has been optimized for the latest update. New properties also come in addition to these:

  1.  A French-English bilingual lexicon addition
  2. Very detailed diagrams: anatomical charts to facilitate the understanding terms concerning the human body,
  3. A comprehensive list of all the current medical language terms.

The application handling is very easy and intuitive, this will save you time during your research, also the Lavoisier Medical Dictionary is usable offline.

Despite enriched and enhanced features, the application has some flaws (bug in the launching), especially for Android devices use. because of Other bugs certain terms do not appear in searches. But this does not mean that this application is the reference tool for CRAs and other persons working in the health field.

You Would probably say to yourself ‘All these applications are all for Apple smartphones, whereas I have an Android smartphone.  » Do not worry, Android also offers applications dedicated to the field of health on its platform download. The MediSigles applications and Lavoisier Medical Dictionary are also both available for Android devices.

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Par contre, Médicaments 2015 est uniquement disponible pour les appareils d’Apple. Mais ne t’inquiètes pas, une application similaire et équivalente tourne sous Android. Il s’agit de 360 medics, dont les fonctionnalités sont très proches, voire meilleures que celles de Médicaments 2015.

J’espère que cet article te sera utile en tant qu’ARC. N’hésite surtout pas à donner ton avis ou tes commentaires sur l’utilisation de ces 3 applications.

However, Médicaments 2015 is only available for Apple devices. But do not worry, a similar and equivalent application is available for Android. They are 360 medics, whose features are very close, or even better than Médicaments 2015.

I hope this article will help you as CRO. Please do not hesitate to give your opinion or your comments in using these three applications.

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