5 tips to succeed your CRA interview

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You have an interview for a CRA position? Here are 5 tips to succeed.

Find a CRA position, the winning strategy

  1. Put forward your strengths

The assets that will really make a difference:

– Your level of English (you’re able to read, write, understand verbally, but mostly speak in English)

– The therapeutic areas on which you have worked, even more if they are needed for the job. We often put you on studies into the therapeutic area in which you are expert.

– The missions that you have carried out during your internship or your previous positions (initiation visits, monitoring, closure, regulatory submission, contract management…)

– Your degree of autonomy during your internship or your previous positions. More you have been autonomous, the more you entice your recruiter.

  1. Put forward your personality

Your recruiter will try to understand your personality through some issues.

However, do you know yourself really? There are many free personality tests on the web. These tests allow you to draw up your profile. I recommend you one, the MBTI.

For my part, I passed the test Golden (similar to MBTI test, but newer and more complete) during training for contractor. This personality test used by psychologists will allow you to know yourself better, and so will help you to value yourself.

To pass a free and anonymous test, click below: http: //www.supertest.com/MB/mb1.cfm

You can find more explanation on the MBTI test, here.

The Golden test is quite expensive, you can do the MBTI test, and it is free.

  1. Prepare all the questions that could be asked

No way to arrive in “Freestyle Mode”: do not appear with your hands in the pockets and without being prepared. Many questions could be asked and you should already know what you will respond. We have given you full information in the article “5 trick questions for your CRA Interview.” Gather all the possible questions and find answers that would reflect your personality.

Do not forget to prepare the English version of your answers. Prepare to convince!

Found our 5 trick questions here.

  1. Look after your presentation

Know that the gestures and the way you communicate have an impact. Upon entry, you get a first impression … You have probably already experienced it when a person enters a place.

In our article on communication with the investigator, we have given you a few tips that are equally true for a recruiter. Go see the article by clicking here

To learn more about non-verbal communication, click here.

  1. Pay attention to your salary expectations

The CRAs work in different structures that I will classify as follows, hoping not to forget anything:

– Hospitals, associations or research groups, International CROs, National CROs, Pharmaceutical companies.
In each group, one will find differences in wages. From my experience in the field, we can expect the following gross salary for a beginner (6 months internship or no experience):

– Hospitals (ARC promoter): approximately EUR 1887.32

– Associations or research groups: between EUR 1950 and EUR 2400

– International CROs: between EUR 2550 and EUR 2700

– National CROs: between EUR 1950 and EUR 2700

– Pharmaceutical companies: between EUR 2700 and EUR 2950

You will find variations based on companies, but I think it is off the mark. To select your wage claim, make an assessment of your strengths. More assets you have, more you will be able to suggest a high threshold.

Well, you now have a good foundation to succeed your interviews. You must now work all of this! Better know yourself is fundamental to know if this profession is for you, but also to successfully value yourself during the interview! First step, pass your little personality test 🙂

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