How to become a freelance CRA? (Part 1)

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How to become a freelance CRA (Part 1)?

When I wanted to become a freelance clinical research associate in 2010, I have questioned myself about some subjects; I immediately put in touch with a former colleague and 3 freelance clinical research associates who have been kind enough to enlighten me.

As a freelance clinical research associate, we are an entrepreneur and our own boss. It is about a clinical research associate who performs as an independent worker, in the form of a company or as an auto entrepreneur.

Never embark blindly in the freelance clinical research associate job, the best way is to do the following:

  • define the current tasks corresponding to our skills (Clinical research associate startups or field, regional or national, Study Coordinator)
  • highlight skills (therapeutic areas, types of assignments already performed) on his resume (English and French)
  • assess financial resources and buy the necessary equipment (at least laptop, printer …).
  • choose the legal form (possibly with an accountant);
  • choose the tax system;
  • proceed with the registration formalities;
  • take a professional liability insurance.

If you wish to become CRA freelance, here are some answers to your questions:

How many years of experience does it take to become a freelance clinical research associate?

To start as a freelance clinical research associate, one must have a high skill level as field clinical research associate and the must-have is also an experience of start-up clinical research associate (regulatory and contractual stipulations). Indeed, after becoming freelance, you will be the most experienced person to be able to manage your mistakes. Ideally, a significant experience of at least 5 years is needed as paid clinical research associate to become freelance clinical research associate. However, some clients accept freelance clinical research associates from 3 years of experience.

Every good thing has an end. See you Doctor !

How many trips a week perform does a freelance clinical research associate do approximately?

Everything will depend on the kind of the CRA mission, the clinical research associate may stay in his place of work and not have to travel at all in the case of a Site Study Coordinator, a mission of start-up clinical research associate (realization of regulatory submission or of management contracts) or more days per week for a field clinical research associate (up to 4 days). The number of trip can be discussed with the prospective client who has made general estimates.

What kind of mission could we perform as a freelance clinical research associate?

You can perform most of the tasks of a clinical research associate or clinical research technician:

  • feasibility mission
  • field clinical research associate (monitoring visit)
  • start-up clinical research associate (bid and contract management)
  • project manager or clinical studies coordinator
  • Clinical research technician (site study coordinator)

This article is published in three parts.

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This article is published three time. To see the other parts,

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[…] Comment devenir ARC Freelance – Partie 1 […]