How to become freelance ARC ? (Part 2)

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How to become a freelance CRA ? (Part 2)

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How to become freelance CRA ? This article will give you some tips for customer profile, how to prospect, the professional fee of a freelance CRA and legal status.  

What Kind of customers is looking for freelance CRA?

Customers are quite varied. We meet pharmaceutical laboratories and medical devices, French or foreign CROs, cooperator groups or hospitals.

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Is it easy to find tasks? How to find CRA freelance tasks?

Everything will depend on your sales temperament, your professional skills in the craft of clinical research associate because we will have to sell your services to different operators. Finding tasks is neither easy nor difficult, you must especially well organize your exploration and have a good address book. There are missions in your own network through recruiting firms or investment clubs (that put independents and charge a commission), through direct surveys with laboratories and CROs or on national or international job sites.

Can we get reorganized as a freelance clinical research associate?

Being a Regional clinical research Associate brings a certain comfort of life but, generally, clients require the ability to move all over France.

Better be motivated to move all over France to avoid being shut out on some contracts.

What wage can we expect?

Generally, freelance clinical research associates charge between 60 and 70 euros / h or between 500 and 600 euros / day, and project managers from 75 euros / h or 650 euros / day. Rates may vary and there are also pricing per visit or even per month.
This pricing takes into account the accounting, customer relationships, looking for work,services promoting, illnesses, vacations, and inactivity.

It is estimated that between expenses, taxes and other charges, there is usually only 50% of your turnover.


What kind of legal status may us have as a freelance clinical research associate?

There are several status:

  • the status of auto entrepreneur: beware, to benefit from this scheme, the revenue must not exceed 32,000 euros/year
  • the status of a liberal profession (Individual Enterprise or IE): there is no capital contribution, no overhead costs. The formalities relating to the creation are particularly reduced since all you have to do is to ask your registration as a natural person. However, the contractor is legally responsible for business debts on all of his own properties. Watch out, the French state has created a more protective status in 2011, the status of individual company with limited liability (IELL) may be another alternative.
  • Perform in a company form (Public limited company, One-person limited liability undertakings in general): starting formalities are more complex than for individual company since you must, in addition to the registration, draft and report status with the Tax Office and publish an ad in a journal of legal notices. In addition, the company’s annual accounts must be filed at the registry of the commercial court. If problems occur, the financial responsibility is equal to the amount of capital. It is less risky than IE.
  • The portage: it is a tripartite relationship between the client, the umbrella company, and you. The portage allows, without creating his company (heavier structure), to offer his expertise to customers, while continuing to enjoy the benefits of employee status.

If you want to test your activity of independent, it is best to start with a status of auto-entrepreneur or that of Umbrella Company.

However, the status of auto-entrepreneur requires having at least two customers to the risk that the activity would be considered as disguised wage labor. The portage Company requires the existence of a potential customer before the Umbrella Company agrees to give you a self-employed contract.

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5 années il y a

Bonjour, Je viens de lancer mon activité en tant que TEC freelance. J’ai déjà deux contrats avec des cliniques mais je souhaiterais savoir comment développer son réseau et vers où je peux me tourner pour obtenir des missions supplémentaires.Existe-t-il des sites d’annonces pour les indépendants de la recherche clinique ou bien des sociétés de placements qui peuvent apporter des contrats ?
En vous remerciant par avance