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The Cooperator Groups in Oncology (CGO): who are they?


The Cooperator Groups in Oncology (CGO): who are they?

In a previous blog post that you can read here, Vanessa Montanari had presented Patients Committee for Clinical Research (PCCR) in French: “Comité de Patients pour la Recherche Clinique (CPRC)”. On June 22nd, I went to one of the plenary sessions of the League against Cancer, in order to know more about the CGO with which the PCCR is partner.

We will tell you in this article what we have learned from this entity which is not always known by clinical research associate.

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Vanessa Montanari

Je suis Vanessa Montanari, attachée de recherche clinique, chef de projet et dirigeante, depuis 6 ans, de Pharmaspecific, ma propre société de prestation de services, en recherche clinique. www.pharmaspecific.fr

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