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View the 2nd edition of the free eBook Mosio! We participated in drafting!!

We are proud to have participated in the drafting of an eBook on the subject of patient enrollment in clinical trials, distributed free by the American company, Mosio.

The editors of this book are AbbVie (American Pharmaceutical Laboratory), Regulus Therapeutics (US Biotech), Bay recruitment (New Zealander CRO specialized in patient recruitment) Mosio (American publisher of innovative solutions) and Pharmaspecific (That’s us!!! Provider in clinical research).

Mosio is publisher of innovative solutions for the recruitment and retention of patients in clinical studies. You can find this company by clicking here.

Thanks Sophie, my colleague for her great contribution!!!

Thanks Noel Chandler, manager of Mosio for inviting us to participate in this project. It’s a real honor!

To download the 2nd edition of this e-book, you only have to go to the link below:



See you, good reading and happy holidays!!


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