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You are CRA or TEC, do you know what is an CRA « outsourcing »? As I have already experimented the job of a « outsourcing » CRA, I have prepared a « strategy » video and explain you the interest of being a « outsourcing » CRA compared to a « CRO » CRA.

Good morning! This is Vanessa Montanari from the clinical research blog.

Today I’m going to talk about the difference between: CRO CRA’s and outsourcing CRA. So, So, what is the outsourcing ARC? (In France)

In fact, it is an CRA that works in a pharmaceutical laboratory, but he has been hired by a CRO . That is to say that the CRO integrated it into a pharmaceutical laboratory and In-sourced CRA works to Sponsor in the laboratory with all the staff of the pharmaceutical laboratory.

Whereas the CRO-CRA is an CRA who works for several labs in his CRO: on different types of projects from different labs. He can have up to about five studies as an CRA, for different labs.

So, what is the point of being outsourcing CRA ? The interest is that often pharmaceutical companies, when they want to hire staff, they often hire their outsourcing CRA. That is to say the CRA of the CROs that work with them, with whom they already have a good knowledge, they hire these people afterwards.

When there is an internal vacancy, the outsourcing CRA has a front row seat to be able to apply for these positions. So the advantage of being a outsourcing CRA is that you can integrate a laboratory more easily than if you applied in the traditional way. So that’s really the advantage of being a outsourcing CRA.

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Afterwards, depending on the structures, depending on the laboratories, you are more or less integrated into the laboratory’s activities, but it all depends on the laboratory, you can be very integrated or not at all, you can really feel like a service provider rather than an employee of this laboratory. Be a provider CRA , it’s really a good solution if you want to integrate a laboratory. I hope this little tip has helped you and I wish you a good day.

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