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Is it possible to switch from CRA or CRC jobs to a CRO Company?

It’s an interesting question I’ve been asked recently. I’ll give you the answer in this video.

My answer is Yes, it is possible! Why not? Of course, if you have done oncology, if you are good in English, you will have more assets to get into this type of position. If you don’t have these skills, make sure you have them. When you want to change jobs,  you need to get ready to do it.. So, you have to look at your strengths, if you want to fit this type of job, Acoording to your personality.. And if that’s the case and you lack a certain level of English, , take lessons and work on the language.

I don’t think you should stay too long in a CRA or CRC position, in the hospital, if your ambition is to work in a CRO. Indeed, that could disadvantage you. However, it must be said that it is possible and there is no certainty in the fact that serving several years as CRC closes the doors of the CRO. Do as you think. I would say that it is enough to stay about 3 years in hospital if your desire is to become ARC in CRO.. In this way, you can enhance your experience without being criticized for stagnating and remaining in the same type of position. But, I know people who stayed in the hospital longer and who are now ARC in CRO; . It’s not all black and white… If you are motivated to move into other types of jobs, go ahead and get started!

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I was a CRC at one time and now I run a company. Do not close doors wondering if it Is possible, if you are going to get there. Some people haven’t succeeded but rather take inspiration from those who have succeeded..

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Written by Vanessa Montanari

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