Spoken English: 3 tips, at low cost

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3 tips, at lower cost, to improve spoken English when one is clinical research associate

You use English regularly in your clinical research associate work and you feel like improving to be more effective? Do you want to move up to the position of clinical research associate to CRO? 

anglais oral : 3 bons plans

Improve your spoken English at the lowest cost!

I. Oral English for clinical research associate, a necessary evil

Clinical research associate are often objected to use English in their work.

We need to be fluent in spoken English especially in the following cases:

  1. When we wish to move up from a hospital clinical research associate or clinical research technician job to clinical research associate, and then to the position of international CRO or pharmaceutical laboratory,
  2. When we desire to move up from a clinical research associate position to an  international project manager position,
  3. When we have completed scientific studies and did not enough or did not do any English practice,
  4. Or, if we only want to improve our English speaking.

The training rates are exorbitant and we do not always have the opportunity to have English training in charge of the employer at work.

For information, here are some rates on the net:

Berlitz: 1669 euros excl. Tax for 21 hours training on the phone and 21 hours multimedia training.

GO Fluent: 1450 euros excl. Tax  for 20 hours training on the phone and unlimited access to multimedia.

Telelangue: 1370 euros excl. Tax for 20 hours training on the phone and 20 hours multimedia.

Wall Street Institute: 1790 euros for 30 hours training (18 hours of media and 12 hours training on the phone).

Source, Article JDN English in e-learning: training to the testing ground, Nicolas Jaimes, 29/11/10

II- Spoken English: three tips at a low cost for Clinical Research Associates

GROUPON: The e-commerce site based on the joint buying concept

1st Good Deal: GROUPON : The electronic sales site based on joint buying concept (also called  “deal”)

a) Description

The joint buying is defined by a group of people who is grouping to buy a product in order to earn a substantial discount on it. The discounts may reach 92%.

On Groupon, you may find an online English training deals with different English methods. There are at least two to three deals a day on the subject (the rates are less than 100 euros for 3 month training!). Definitely affordable, go and see if there is a deal that might suit you. The training are available throughout France and can be close to your house. The companies are based in France, which really facilitates communication.

b) How to find a deal on an English course?

  1. To subscribe, go to the Groupon website, click here
  2. In the top search bar next to the Groupon logo, click “English lessons”, for the place, click “France”. You find the available courses of this time throughout France.

New ads flow every day and are bought by French Internet users. We must therefore subscribe to Groupon newsletters seize the best opportunity. There are other deals that have nothing to do with the English lessons, but that are also very interesting 😉

Good deal!

2nd Low Cost Good Deal: ELANCE

 a) Description

ELANCE : The freelance platform

There is a worldwide teleworking platform, its name is Elance. You can recruit independent workers on this platform. There are freelance qualified, experienced and native English teachers. You can have classes on Skype and correspond with them via email. To find a teacher, you only post a free ad, you will receive several suggestions.

It is better to choose a teacher coming using English as a first language in their country (UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Singapore and the Philippines.)

The site is very reliable and the services are good. Elance has a code of conduct and helps you in case of disputes. Payments are made by credit card or PayPal, once the service is provided.

b) How to post a free ad?

  1. To subscribe, go to the Groupon website, click here
  2. In the home bar put your cursor to “Hire” then click on “Post a job” 
  3. Once in “Post a job” fill out the fields
  4. In the field “name your job,” put “English teacher”
  5. In the field “describe it,” say what you are looking for (Type of English teacher, his experience, the learning process). For example, you can write (to adapt according to your wishes): I am looking for a long term period, a serious and high-level experimented English teacher who can give individual conversational and writing English courses by phone and/or skype.The course should be structured with short grammar and vocabulary lessons emphasizing on the learner’s English fault. The themes should be general English and if possible health and pharmaceutical industry.The English work tools needs to be proposed by the English teacher.The English teacher will take appointment with me every week and will be called by myself on a fix line or with Skype (or a more interactive lesson).I will contact the freelancer by phone for an interview and evaluate his capability.I will choose the freelancer based on Experience as an English teacher, Work tools which could be used by the teacher and a competitive price.
  6. In the field “Select the category of work”, select “writing and Translation” left, and “other writing services” right.
  7. In the field “Set work arrangement,” click on the hourly rate that you want to apply to your provider and the number of hours you plan a week. Filling this field is optional; however, fill in this field allows you to have suggestions that exactly suit your budget.
  8. For the field “Location, Privacy and Other Options”, select the countries from which the suggestions come, publication time of your advertisement … Do not be too selective about the criteria to put all the chances in your side.
  9. Once all fields completed, valid by clicking on the right bottom  “continue”, you will land on a page called “Select posting type”, if you still want to post a free ad click” No thanks”
  10. You arrive on the “Preview” page where you visualize your advertisement. If you want to change parts of your advertisement click “Edit the post” and makes the necessary changes, then continue the steps.
  11. If you agree with the content, you just select “Post this job”, wait for the suggestions of freelance English teachers and hire the most effective freelance.

Good recruitment!

3rd Low cost Good DealITALKI 

 a) Description

ITALKI : Linguistics exchange website  

On this website you have the possibility to be in touch with people around the world who also want to learn a language. You can talk with native English speakers who want to learn French and help one another by sharing your knowledge for free.

The icing on the cake: you can even take English courses on Skype at low cost with qualified English teachers based overseas (less than 10 euros per hour English training), you can also chat with tutor (native speaker, unqualified teacher) for less than 5 euros an hour before training with your new correspondents for free. The site is very ergonomic.

 b) How to find a linguistic correspondent?

  1. Join ITALKI by clicking here
  2. On the home page, in the sidebar, go to “Community” and in language partner.
  3. Selects the language that your partner speaks, the one he wants to talk, his native country, sex, location (city).
  4. Click on the profile photo that interests you and send a message to foresee a time to have a conversation.
  5. 5 minutes speaking only with your mother tongue
  6. 5 minutes speaking the language you are studying

Linguistic exchanges are free and informal. If your language partner and you have an intermediate or advanced level, you can spend more time talking the two languages.

At first, you can also practice your writing through the ITALKI chat or ITALKI message system.

Language exchange partners are people like you! They want to improve French as you want to improve English. You can make friends all around the world.

c) How to find a qualified teacher or tutor (not qualified teacher)?

  1. Subscribe on Italki
  2. On the home page, in the sidebar, go to “professional Lessons” for qualified teachers or “informal mentoring” for not qualified teachers.
  3. Select the language he is teaching, the language he also speaks, his native country, the price per hour, whether he is native speaker or not, teachers having available English training tests …
  4. Click on the profile photo that interests you, you can see his schedule and compare to yours, contact him and schedule a meeting with him.
  5. You will have to buy ITALKI credits to pay your sessions; you can pay by credit card or PayPal.

Good course and good meeting !

Vanessa Montanari,

Don’t hesitate to visit Pharmaspecific website on  http://www.pharmaspecific.fr and discover our activities.

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Vanessa Montanari

Je suis Vanessa Montanari, attachée de recherche clinique, chef de projet et dirigeante, depuis 6 ans, de Pharmaspecific, ma propre société de prestation de services, en recherche clinique. www.pharmaspecific.fr

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