How to choose a provider in clinical research?

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By Vanessa Montanari 

Whether you are CRO, pharmaceutical, biotechnology laboratory, MD Company, you will definitely need a provider in clinical research in your professional life. We give you 5 tips to choose him:

Make sure your provider will provide you with a quality work

Good clinical practices are clear about this: when making your trials, you must work within the framework of a suitable quality management system. In case of inspection of the authorities, this will be verified. Consider asking your provider if he has a quality certificate (for example ISO9001) and even if you do not use his own quality system for your project. You will have at least the assurance that quality is crucial for him and that he has the means. If your provider does not have this type of certificate, find another way to ensure that he will provide you with a quality work!

Make sure your provider has a high rate of customer satisfaction

The provider with whom you want to work, does he evaluate the rate of his client satisfaction? Does he publish this result? How can he ensure that you are likely to be pleased … to meditate.

Make sure your provider has sufficient experience

Please note there are two types of experiences, the therapeutic experience and project management experience. Make sure your provider has both. Consider asking your provider the list of his references.

Do not choose a service provider only on a lower offer

Does the offer took into account all the parameters in terms of time? Some providers make you an offer based on an hourly rate only and do not detail the activities. Ask for a detailed evaluation (tasks and time) in order to have a clear overall budget. Ask to anticipate changes in the number of sites and in case of modification of the protocol. Keep in mind that most studies will have changes. Having all this information at the outset will help you better manage your budget and avoid surprises.

Assess the level of importance that represents your project in the eyes of your provider and make sure he is used to finish the projects he started.

If your provider has other projects that have “more value” to him, it may be that you are not satisfied with the level of attention that he pays to your project. Be vigilant during negotiations (avoid to lower too much the rates for example) and make sure your provider will have enough time to manage your project.

Here are the tips we use to choose the best providers we work with and establish a relationship of trust.

Do you apply other methods to select your providers? Or maybe you are yourself provider? Share your experience in the comments.


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7 années il y a

Bonjour, l ISO n est pas un gage de qualite absolue. Cela engage la qualite de service mais reste peut engageant sur les GCPs. Une consultation de la liste et d une selection de SOPs de votre prestataire est aussi recommandable et vous en dira bien plus. Souvent un audit de qualification est realise avant d entrer dans la relation commerciale. Tout prestataire solide et confiant partagera ses procedures avec vous.

Vanessa Montanari
7 années il y a
Répondre à  Mehdi


Tout à fait. L’ISO9001 est un plus, qui oblige l’entreprise à avoir une démarche d’amélioration continue.

Merci de ce commentaire!