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Le CPF un dispositif si précieux…

Le CPF, un dispositif si précieux…

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Tu souhaites effectuer une formation de chef de projet, d’ARC, ton permis de conduire ou carrément changer de profession et arrêter avec la recherche clinique et cela que tu sois salarié, Freelance ou demandeur d’emploi ?

Tu travailles depuis plusieurs années dans une entreprise et tu as cumulé plusieurs heures de DIF ?

As-tu pensé au compte personnel formation (CPF), le nouveau dispositif mis en place par l’état depuis environ 4 ans ?

On t’explique comment faire ici.

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What level of education is required to become a CRA ?

Article written by the Pharmaspecific Society, a specialist in clinical research.

To become an ARC, a Bac+4 and Bac+5 (Master degree) level is enough. However, it happens that people with a Bac+8 (PhD) can do this job, but it is not necessary to have this level. The level Bac+4 or Bac+5 is ideal.

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A Resume in order to be recruited

A Resume in order to be recruited

Are you looking for a job as a CRA, Clinical Site Coordinator (CSC), or project manager? You are CRA, SSC or project manager and you want to change job? Maybe you are looking for your first job? The first contact with a company involves sending your resume and a cover letter. Companies often receive many resume and if you apply for a small company, this one will not necessarily have a human resources in charge. Consequently, your resume must be  clear and readable to put the odds in your favor! Today we’ll give you the answers to the questions you may wonder to write your resume.


Resume writing stresses are over.

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You are CRA and / or PM, how to get a pay raise?

You are CRA and / or PM, how to get a pay raise?

You are CRA or PM (Project Manager) and you want a revaluation of your wages, this article is for you.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the CROs or at the hospital, wages tend to stagnate in these

augmentation salairecrisis times. The Clinical Research Associate profession requires a strong personal commitment and a strong expertise. What could be more logical than to ask for a raise to his employer? However, such a request is being prepared because you must prove that you deserve it. This article will give you an overview of how to proceed and how to put the odds in your favor.

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