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Challenge # 13 Do I have the right to retrieve the patient’s initials via the CRF?

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Good morning, everyone. This is Vanessa Montanari from the clinical research blog for Pharmaspecific. Today we’re going to look at a new topic. I’ve had, on a regular basis, on the patient reimbursement service, clinical research professionals who have told us no we should not retrieve the patient’s initials, please remove this information from the charts. You don’t need to get the initials back.

Text Transcription :

Well, today it’s time for me to speak to this issue so that many clinical research professionals can be aware that yes, we have the right to retrieve patients’ initials and to forward patients’ initials to a sponsor. Patient initials and the code that identifies patients can be passed on to sponsors. Let’s talk about initials. The initials, in fact, the CNIL authorizes the recovery of initials. You can find this information in the text of the MR001 that you will see there right now. So it is possible to recover the initials. In France, it is authorized by the CNIL. So it happens that in other countries, it is not authorized, but in the event that someone should tell you that you do not have the right to recover the initials and send them to them, that is completely false, you have the right to recover them. Then it’s up to them to tell you that they don’t want to receive the initials because they’re not allowed to retrieve the initials in their country. So after that, we have to find common ground, because we have the right, you do not have the right, and then we have to find common ground. You are not entitled, so we do not send them to you, but we have the right in France to retrieve the initials of patients in the observation notebooks. That was just the information I wanted to give you. If you liked this program, thank you master I like at the bottom of the video. The clinical research blog is a blog where you can have a lot of information in clinical research, don’t hesitate to go there, the address is here and if you want to know more about Pharmaspecific, our CRO specialized in clinical research, you can know more by going to this address. I also wanted to tell you that Pharmaspecific has written a guide to help you better understand the clinical trial as a CRO or as a project leader. So I encourage you to download this guide. It’s at the bottom of the video. It’s at the bottom of the video. That’s it. Thank you for following us, and see you soon. Goodbye, and see you soon.

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